Ear Meal

Weekly, live performances by experimental musicians.

Ace Farren Ford & John Wiese

Ace Farren Ford & John Wiese are a duo who have been performing together for a couple of years now, they met through their common performing band Smegma. Ace is an original member of Smegma, joining in 1974, John Wiese is a little younger, and has been playing with Smegma for approximately 5 years. Both are seasoned improvisers who have been on countless records, cds and cassettes. Both are affiliated with the Los Angeles Free Music Society, Ace having been a founding member since 1975, and has played with the Mystery Band, XEXP, AIRWAY, Crowbar Salvation and many, many other ensembles in his 40 years as an improvising artist. John Wiese has also been with many ensembles, most notably his own Sissy Spacek.

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