Ear Meal

Weekly, live performances by experimental musicians.

Alex Sramek

“A common thread among much of my music is the fleeting moment of “wouldn’t it be cool, awesome, horrible, or hilarious if” – moments that might come about when bored, idle, frustrated, or inebriated, and that would give the average musician a quick, short-lived chuckle. The difference with me is that I write them down and act on them (people frequently comment, “wait, you were serious?”). I find that the opposite of a good idea is often an even better idea, and I have a penchant for using the most uninteresting, irritating, even downright inappropriate sources as impetus for music. These are, to me, a vast source of untapped coolness, and have led to such gems as a death metal scam email, a solemn antiphonal chanting of parking receipt legalese, and a disco party in the middle of a clarinet solo.”

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