Ear Meal

Weekly, live performances by experimental musicians.

Andrew Choate

Andrew Choate was born and raised in South Carolina and studied music and literature at Northwestern University and the California Institute of the Arts. His first book, Langquage Makes Plastic of the Body, was published by Palm Press in 2006. His most recent book is Stingray Clapping, published in 2012 by Insert Blanc Press. He has been publishing his writings on music and art since 1999; these have appeared in Urb, Coda, The Wire, Signal to Noise, Art Ltd, d’Art International and Facsimile. His writing has been translated into Spanish, French, Hungarian and Czech. His radio plays and sound works have been broadcast on WDR in Germany, Radioarte Mobile in Italy, Hipersônica in Brazil, Resonance FM in England and various outlets in the US. His visual work has been exhibited at the Yerevan Center for Contemporary Art, the Torrance Art Museum, Barnsdall Art Park, High Energy Constructs and the Overca$h Gallery. He has given lectures at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles (“Picturing Language”), CalArts (“Writing for Video Performance”) and Hofer’s Studio Roof (“I’m Turning Sideways In This Crowded Train So You Can More Easily Pass Me By”). His current projects include a graphic novel made of photographs and narration called 260 Aquariums and a series of stress balls in the shape of desktop computers painted with text and installed and photographed in domestic interiors.

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