Ear Meal

Weekly, live performances by experimental musicians.

Andrew Pask & Jim McAuley

Jim plays the ‘marxophone’ a real-time audio processing device developed by Andrew and operated via a footpedal. Andrew plays bass clarinet.

JIM McAULEY is an acoustic guitarist whose passion for jazz, blues and experimental music is evident in his eclectic approach to improvisation. In addition to solo performances, he has had the pleasure of collaborating with some of LA’s most creative musicians, including this duo with clarinet and processing genie Andrew Pask.
Jim has released 4 critically acclaimed CD’s of original work: his solo debut “Gongfarmer 18″ (Nine Winds), a 2-CD set of duets–”The Ultimate Frog” (Drip Audio)–featuring Leroy Jenkins, Alex & Nels Cline and Ken Filiano, and 2 CD’s with the Acooustic Guitar Trio (whose other members are Nels Cline and the late Rod Poole), “Acoustic Guitar Trio” (Incus) and “Vignes” (Long Song Records).
“…genuinely evocative and refreshingly cliche-bashing work”–LA Times
“Mr. McAuley’s precise writing and playing is full of blues figures and rich-toned, acoustic-folk resonance. It’s peaceful and rigorous music”–New York Times

You can find out more about them at workbenchrecordings.com

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