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Weekly, live performances by experimental musicians.

Calif. Indian Soundscape

Cindi Alvitre is the mother of four children and grandmother of two. She is a weaver, writer, storyteller and traditional singer. She is a Tongva descendant of the Moompetam (Salt Water) Clan, the original people of Los Angeles and the southern Channel Islands. She has been Director of Ti’at Society, the Tongva maritime organization, since its inception in the late 1980s. As the co-founder of Mother Earth Clan, she has been a cultural/environmental educator and activist for nearly three decades.

Georgiana Sanchez: When Chumash oars stirred the Santa Barbara Channel in 2004 for only the second time in at least 150 years, Georgiana Sanchez was there. The American Indian Studies lecturer since 1986, who received her bachelor’s (1985) and master’s (1992) degrees from CSULB, participated in a re-creation of the tribe’s maritime history when a Chumash plank canoe cut through the waters of Santa Barbara Channel and offered a salute with raised paddles to a crowd of several hundred cheering onlookers.

Special thanks to Craig Cree Stone

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