Ear Meal

Weekly, live performances by experimental musicians.

Creative Underground LA

In a way unlike anywhere else in the world, artists in Los Angeles directly confront — work in, around, and against — the mainstream entertainment industry, and thus are unavoidably affected by its reach.
This fuels some of the most interesting creative work on the planet, flourishing between the cracks of the “official Hollywood”, its most high-profile popular media.
Los Angeles is a mecca for dedicated dreamers from every corner of the globe, working at the top of their craft in every imaginable discipline. But the vast majority of these amazing artists find themselves lost in the deluge, their astonishing gifts unrecognized.

Jose Gurria Flex-a-Trio
Jose Gurria Drawing Drums
Erik Miron Electric Guitar
Ryan Kinestra Trombone

Jose Gurria DMA 13′
Drummer, composer, arranger, educator
Music director Gurrisonic jazz orchestra


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