Ear Meal

Weekly, live performances by experimental musicians.

Daniel J. French

Hi, I’m Daniel Jesus French, and I’m in love with the sounds of life & transformation. I’m a multi-disciplinary artist based in LA working at intersections of sound, music, narrative, theater, pedagogy, cultural organizing & social art practice. My work is a hybrid of forms informed by over a decade of community & cultural organizing in LA. Growing up in the hip hop generation, much of my work is also informed by the practice of re-mixing; layering old & new upon each other to create something unique that’s rooted in the past & speaks powerfully to today’s realities.

As a Native, Chicano, mixed child of Los Angeles, much of my work explores & problematizes race, history, identity, place, & borders in a colonial context. I was born & raised in the San Gabriel Valley. I’m a member of Las Cafeteras; a musical storytelling & educational collective out of LA’s Eastside. When not away on tour I live in South LA.

Also, recently I participated in FoundSound Nation’s OneBeat fellowship, along with 25 artists from across the globe experimenting at the intersection of social change & music.

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