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Weekly, live performances by experimental musicians.

Daniel Rothman & Ashley Walters

Daniel Rothman is a Los Angeles-based composer whose piano music is recorded by Eric Huebner for Albany; his video chamber opera, Cézanne’s Doubt, commissioned by the Stierischer Herbst, is on New World Records; Two Figures in Dense Violet Light is available on Zeitklang by Beate Zelinsky & David Smeyers, the later who had also recorded Rothman’s Yes, Philip, Androids Dream Electric Sheep with Mark Trayle for Los Angeles River Records. His recent string quartet Sense Absence, recorded by Quatuor Bozzini, was praised in the current issue of Neue Zeitschrift für Musik as music of “unheard beauty” (Editions QB). Daniel Rothman is artistic director of Beyond Music at Beyond Baroque.

Ashley Walters is the cellist of the Los Angeles-based Formalist Quartet, and has premiered music by many composers, such as Nicholas Deyoe and Wolfgang von Schweinitz, whose music will be included on her forthcoming CD with Berio’s Sequenza XIV. Mark Swed hailed her playing has having “the kind of brilliance that beckons a major new performer on the new music scene.”

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