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Decision Party

On June 1, Ear Meal Webcast paid a visit to Carole Kim’s mega collaborative, multi-media installation/performance at the Loft/ Sidewalk Café, part of the Altadena Open Studio event.

This is only a half hour excerpt of a seven and a half hour continuous presentation, that included a great collection of artists. Carole was on Ear Meal earlier this year, please check the archive for that intimate interview. The Decision Party gave Ear Meal an opportunity to present (albeit an excerpt) her work in an exclusive sort of way.

Appearing in this video documentation are:

drawing: Cathy Lightfoot, Alicia Gorecki, Christopher O’Leary

Music: Ellen Burr, Archie Carey, Robert Hilton, Kira Vollman, Joe Berardi

Dance: Shel Wagner Rasch, Liz Hoefner Adamis, Paula Present, Sarah Leddy,

More work by Carole can be viewed at: carolekim.com

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