Ear Meal

Weekly, live performances by experimental musicians.

Devin Hoff

“I play contrabass (bass violin, double bass, string bass, dog house, etc), bass guitar, write songs, sing a little, and play some guitar. I have been doing these things for 20 plus years, over half my life, and love music more every day.
I have been fortunate to play with so many great musicians of so many backgrounds and aesthetics, it seems almost pointless at this point to mention some and not others based on levels of fame or success that are more based on luck than musical or personal merit. And besides, Mike Watt told me not to drop names. 🙂

“I have written music for solo bass, metal bands, punk bands, country singers, chamber ensembles, jazz collectives, film, dance and theater.
My life has been saved and enriched and my spirit strengthened by so much music, and I am just trying to add my own sense of struggle and beauty to the Universe as best I can.”


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