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Field Recording Suites

I incorporate field recordings into my sound work. Although I’ve used them for a long time, it wasn’t until Glenn Bach invited me to join the field recording group, Southern California Soundscape Ensemble, several years ago that field recordings became a major part of my work. I have recently had unique opportunities to conduct field recordings, much of which is the core of several on going projects. Field Recording Suites is a 30 minute collection of short recordings I wanted to present on Ear Meal Webcast. In some cases, I was able to record video and in other cases I took snap shots. I encourage each viewer to listen to this with headphones/ear buds and also with a quality stereo playback system once it’s posted on laartstream and/or my website. Thanks so much for your continued support. It’s an honor to bring you a slice of the Los Angeles sound art and experimental music community each week.

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