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Electric Sound Bath

ELECTRIC SOUND BATH is a duo comprised of Ang Wilson and Brian Griffith, based in Los
Angeles, California. They are a familiar fixture at many of LA’s prominent meditation gatherings,
from the Sunday Sit at 365 Mission to Jessica Snow’s Sonic Meditations. Inspired by the fertile
meditation community of LA, the peace that comes with observing nature, and the healing
properties of sound; Electric Sound Bath explores the intersection of sound healing and drone
The duo delights in the delicate nature of existence. Using that as their focus in a minimalist setup,
pairing acoustic elements with electric bass, evoking the essence of our present passage between
the Analog and the Digital Eras. Wilson plays the Nepalese Singing Bowls threaded through
Griffith’s Electric Bass Dronescapes, while found sounds are peppered throughout to ground the
meditative music to the Earth and her environment.
• electricsoundbath.com

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