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FINALE @ Inglewood Main Library (part 1)

On April 7, 2012, Collage Ensemble Inc. coordinated its last project. The event took place at the iconic Inglewood Main Library designed by Charles Luckman. The event included three components. One was a visual arts exhibit in the main library hall including works by Steve Roden, Mona Kasra, Jeffrey James Mohr and Alan Nakagawa. Two, in the Waddingham Lecture Hall, films by Madison Brookshire and Rick Bahto were screened. And, Three, a series of sound works were performed live outside the library and civic center area. The film screening and sound performances were curated by the wulf. The visual arts exhibit included former Collage Ensemble Inc. members. It was a day of excitement and mixed emotions concluding Collage’s 28 years in existence. This 30 minute video documents the sound performances curated by the wulf and is the second of a two part series. Part one was streamed earlier on May 2 and is available on the Ear Meal archives.

Part Two features Daniel Corral, James Klopfleisch, Casey Anderson, Heather Lockie, Ezra Buchla, Eric KM Clark, Betsy Rettig, Jake Rosenzweig, Stephanie Smith, Michael Winter and Liam Mooney.

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