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Inouk Demers

Inouk Demers is a sound artist, media artist and composer living in Los Angeles. His work has been shown or heard throughout Europe and North America, and commercially recorded. His recent work includes multimedia collaborations, documentary film, experimental video, field recordings, and aesthetic journalism.
Currently Inouk is producing Conveyance, an interactive, multimedia information kit on water policy in Los Angeles, as well as Bandwidth, a project on bandwidth competition in the telco industry.
Inouk’s work studies areas of public life and public policy within the frame of aesthetic journalism. An underlying focus is on how flows of information both encourage and complicate understanding, and how fiction and reality overlap in the public realm. Inouk integrates sound (his background) with a broader media approach to show how human experience is mediated through different means of communication.
Desert Bands (installation) is a night-time desert diorama with sound. An abandoned vehicle, antennae, and an old TV set lie among the sand and brush, at the foot of two mountains. It might be the setting for a B-rated post-apocalyptic movie. Over the mountains looms a number of cell phone antennae, which have inexplicably overtaken this remote region. Swirling in the air above are ghostly fragments of radio and wireless transmissions (local radio programs in foreign languages, Bible radio, emergency medical service, police, air traffic control, shortwave signals and some notoriously non-FCC-compliant amateur radio). The piece plays on ideas of isolation and connectedness, the overwhelming flow of streams of information, and the role of danger, aggression, invisibility and control in communications and communications networks.

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