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Weekly, live performances by experimental musicians.

Jacob Rosenzweig Bass Quartet

Bass Quartet Number 1 is a 35-minute, four movement piece for four upright basses composed by Los Angeles-bassed musician Jacob Rosenzweig. Lead and supporting voices are non-existent, favoring a group sound in which no single part is extricable from the whole. Each movement is made unique by it’s own specific set of sounds, scattered through time by chance operation, creating fields of ambient, immersive, and unpredictable juxtapositions. Subtleties in timbre, texture, and harmony (both intentional and unintentional) are treated as focal points, melding distinctions between the essential
and peripheral.

Jacob Rosenzweig (b.1986) is a bassist/composer/improviser who operates in many rock, jazz, folk, chamber, experimental, and improvised music capacities. Besides performing solo, he is a member of numerous ensembles including Stupid Man Suit, Three Thirds, The Sogo Takeover, and (as a guest artist) the Southland Ensemble. Jacob has performed at REDCAT, Human Resources, Hammer Museum, Machine Project, Beta Level, the Wulf, and the Handbag Factory.

Hello, my name is Brendan Carn. I am an artist, improviser, composer, and educator. Through the study of improvisation, linguistics, embodied cognition, and lots of sword fighting, I am attempting to understand and manipulate our innate tendency toward order, repetition, and expectation.

Charlie Carswell is a classical and contemporary double bassist based in Los Angeles, and has studied at Interlochen Arts Academy, University of North Texas, and California Institute of the Arts. As an orchestral bassist, Charlie has performed with: Santa Monica Orchestra, Shreveport Symphony (Louisiana), Sherman Symphony (Texas), Allen Symphony (Texas), East Texas Symphony (Texas), Orchestra Of New Spain (Texas). Also, he performed in the west coast premier of John Luther Adams’
Sila at the Ojai Music Festival 2015.
Ben Finley is a Bass Player, Composer and Writer, currently pursuing his Masters in the Performer-Composer program at the California Institute of the Arts.
Ben’s primary compositional focus is developing an intimate relationship between literary forms within a chamber music setting and utilizing improvisation while affording meaning and philosophical insight. Ben is also interested in the lifetime pursuit of the art of bass playing. He is involved with a multitude of projects in Toronto and Los Angeles and is currently working on two new upcoming album releases of original works: an affected electric bass and voice duo and an interdisciplinary avant-garde chamber music collective.

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