Ear Meal

Weekly, live performances by experimental musicians.

Jeff Boynton

Jeff is a DIY artist/musician living in Los Angeles. Jeff’s artistically inclined parents exposed him to the arts and classical music and nurtured his interest in ‘cello. They purchased an LP entitled “Columbia-Princeton Electronic Center” around 1964. His early fascination with this music would prove to be significant much later, when Jeff finally gained hands-on experience with synthesizers as a college student. This eventually led to his becoming keyboardist for I.R.S. recording artist Wazmo Nariz. Jeff’s return to experimental electronic music in 2003 sparked an interest in creating his own devices. This led him to “circuit bending”, the art of exploring the circuits of cheap keyboards and kid’s toys, intentionally short-circuiting them in search of interesting and never-before-heard sounds. The immediate appeal was twofold - anybody can do it, and from an experimentalist’s standpoint, these instruments unleash a chaotic, often unpredictable and unique sound palette. Paradoxically, the objective becomes to attempt to “steer” this chaos, shaping it into musical composition. Jeff considers the exploration of circuits part of the compositional process. His improvised performances have form and distinct sections with transitions. Jeff and wife Mona Jean Cedar perform as “Circuitry and Poetry”, which combines poetry, sign language, dance, and circuit bending.

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