Ear Meal

Weekly, live performances by experimental musicians.

Jennifer Moon

“What I love and find the most potent about art is its ability to transform the way we perceive and interpret information and, hence, the ability to transform how we interact with the world and with ourselves. For me, great art is when it expands beyond its physical form or occupation of a particular space and time to forever change the way in which I generally perceive something, whether that be a color, a texture, an image, an everyday object, another person, my thoughts, and perception itself. It stimulates an unavoidable adventuring within, joyfully and rigorously acknowledging and questioning the manners in which I take in information, bringing to the surface the various beliefs I consciously or unconsciously subscribe to, which ultimately influence the way I interact with the world and with myself. It is within this context of heightening awareness that my practice is situated. I am invested in art that engages the public to lovingly and enthusiastically adventure within in order to question the beliefs that block us from true connection and belonging. To this end, my work is largely an exercise in vulnerability, a constant exposing of my psyche, making public my personal self as a political act, and understanding that this is how true connection is formed. Connection is central to my practice because it will enable the actualization of a revolution based in unadulterated love and continuous expansion for all on this earth and beyond. Revolution is a primary theme in my work and my commitment to revolution has led me to expand the forms I use for art making to include writing, a monthly radio show, group-dynamic workshops, and every single interaction I have—no matter how seemingly small—with myself, with every being, object, concept, the world, universe, and beyond in order to gain a seamless, merging into a wholly magical way of life beyond our current imagination. This is the magnificence of art. For more information on The Revolution, please visit jmoon.net”

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