Ear Meal

Weekly, live performances by experimental musicians.

Jessica Catron

Jessica loves sound in just about any form/context and has a pretty erratic performance history because of her involvement with a colorful mix of music projects. She has performed with an array of eclectic musical entieites including Pauline Oliveros, James Tenney, Harold Budd, Rod Poole, Carla Bozulich, Evangelista, Linda Ronstadt, Nels Cline, Wilco, Nirvana (UK), Vinny Golia, Scott Weiland, Steve Vai, Dave Matthews, Devotchka, The Eels, and Spiritualized, as well as with visual and multi-media artists Mike Kelley, Susan Silton, and Cloud Eye Control.
Current projects include trio Missincinatti with guitarist Jeremy Drake and percussionist Corey Fogel and The Microscore Project with violinist Johnny Chang. www.myspace.com/jessicacatron

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