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Weekly, live performances by experimental musicians.

Jim Fox

Jim Fox’s music has been commissioned and performed by ensembles and soloists throughout the U.S. and presented at the Monday Evening Concerts, New Music America, Real Art Ways, Wires, the SCREAM Festival, the Ventura Chamber Music Festival, the CalArts Contemporary Music Festival, Podewil (Berlin), the Schindler House/SASSAS, REDCAT, the Ear Inn, L.A.C.E., and many similar venues. He has also scored feature films.

Described by critics as “austere” and “sensuous” and “filled with a beautiful sadness,” his music has been recorded on the Cold Blue, CRI, Advance, Grenadilla, Raptoria Caam, and Citadel labels and published in such new music anthologies as Soundings and Scores. His Cold Blue recording Last Things (CB0001) was chosen as a Record of the Year (2000) by the Italian music magazine Blow Up and The Wire magazine (UK) described it as “an ethereal experience.” International Record Review wrote of it: “Fox’s music invites one to believe that if the stars, constellations and galaxies emitted sounds, these unearthly harmonics are what one might hear.” John Schaefer, producer of WNYC’s New Sounds, described Fox’s second Cold Blue recording, The City the Wind Swept Away, as a “beautiful and evocative work,” and e/i magazine described it as ” captivating and truly refreshing.” Of Fox’s latest recording, Descansos, past, John Schaefer wrote that it has a “lush bleakness that evokes the windswept open spaces of the American West,” and Frank J. Oteri, editor of the American Music Center’s NewMusicBox, wrote, “Easily the most beautiful thing I heard all week … haunting … deep on so many levels … you won’t want to listen to anything for a while after you’ve heard this.”

Special thanks to Scott Fraser for hosting us in his studio for this very special performance.

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