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Weekly, live performances by experimental musicians.

Joshua Carro

Joshua Carro is a sound artist, composer, percussionist, teacher, and record producer based in Los Angeles, California. carro has performed in countless recitals and concerts in U.S.A. and Canada and is known for his electro-acoustic drumset improvisations using an original setup which he has developed after recent research in the medium of electro-acoustic music during his Masters studies at CalArts from 2011-2013. Being a professional performer and teacher since the age of 18, carro has performed on many different percussion instruments from tabla accompaniment for Pt. Aashish Khan to electroacoustic percussion with German rock band Faust at REDCAT. As a composer,
carro has been commissioned by Susan Allen (Asst. Dean CalArts) William Powell (Clarinet Chair CalArts) and Marthe Reed (Creative Writing Chair at LSU) with performances in Theartre 80 New York, University of Central Florida, Arizona State University, and The Lite Venue in Louisianna. As a recording artist, carro has released over 10 electro-acoustic albums on a series of net labels including: H.L.M.
(France), Somehow Recordings (London), with reviews by Silent Ballet, Kultur Industrialna (Poland), Norman Records, and Linus Records (Japan).

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