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Leah Purse

Leah Purse (aka- Leah Peah) moved to Los Angeles from Virginia in 2010 where she spent 5 years booking noise shows, curating events at The Church of Crystal Light (2009) and The Ratward 2­Lil Baghdad (2009­-2010) co­​running noise label A.E.N. (2006­​-2010) recording, touring and performing with her group Head Molt and subsequently as a solo act.

Head Molt was known for it’s bombastic, chaotic, bloody and always sonically dynamic live shows and as a solo artist Leah focused more on compositions for live performances. Leah’s 2007 cassette; a split with North Carolina’s Cheez Face and subsequent live shows garnered her to be named “One of Top Ten Underground Artists” in Arthur Magazine. Following this came her second solo release on Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace label in 2010.

Leah’s time in France in 2007 and her continued work as an artist saw her opening for Crystal Castles along with Evil Moisture in Paris. A return to the United States and many live shows, (including the infamous show with Girl Talk at The Norva in Norfolk, VA) and noise festivals later, she ultimately relocated permanently to Los Angeles where she continues to perform, book shows, record and contribute to the thriving Los Angeles noise and experimental scene.

Contact information:[email protected]

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