Ear Meal

Weekly, live performances by experimental musicians.


Corey Fogel is relentless. His musical magic derives from patiently waiting, finding and preserving moments of serenity and infectious rhythm, then skeptically smashing that symmetry as soon as he gets a whiff of any magical complacency. He is against mythology’s illusions and desires a blunter Now: honest, bare and pre-teen. He “says” what other musicians are afraid to “say” with a seriousness commingled with humor, wrapped so subtly that the two are often confused; he speaks his mind [seemingly] regardless of context, reveling in the uncomfortable adrenaline glow of a conversation that cannot recover from his bringing up that one unspeakable Word. Corey plays not with drumsticks but with judges’ gavels, fervidly passing judgment upon music with easy answers and excuses, presenting instead a frenzy of objection, counter-argument, and expert witness.

For interdisciplinary artist John Bartel, early experiences with his parents informed his artistic philosophy. “As far back as I can remember I have memories of painting or drawing and really enjoying it,” he says. “My mom was a nurse that worked in women’s health and my dad owned a hardware store, I remember building stuff with my dad in the garage, basic woodworking stuff, gardening, but we weren’t a traditional artistic family.” The lessons he learned were imprinted on him, instead of buying what you need, you can create or make household items or grow your food instead of grocery shopping.

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