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Weekly, live performances by experimental musicians.

Los Angeles Road Concerts

Los Angeles Road Concerts presents a showing of site-specific projects from over 110 Los Angeles artists in unused public outdoor spaces along the entire length of Mulholland Drive’s 21 miles, starting at its east end, at Cahuenga Pass, and resulting with a reception party near the Nike Missile Site in the Santa Monica Mountains. For one day, artists will perform works, display installations, facilitate carpool happenings, host spontaneous readings, and make music in unexpected spaces such as on the sidewalk, between dumpsters, along precipices, as well as inside the audience’s cars as they traverse one of LA’s most iconic streets. The audience can choose how long they want to spend at each spot, whether or not they want to park or get out of their cars, skip spots or drive at different speeds between them. Audience members are additionally invited to car pool with artists and to switch car pools at their leisure. The road concert can also easily be experienced by bus, bicycle and walking. An official map of the day’s events along with project descriptions and other downloadable information will be available to the public starting on December 5 on the event website (www.laroadconcerts.org)

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