Ear Meal

Weekly, live performances by experimental musicians.


Sublating the Pierrot Ensemble, Pierrot Lunaireaoke: Sieben von Dreimal Seiben aus Arnold Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire is both riff and trope. The Pierrot Ensemble, a permutation of the old-school cabaret orchestra, atavistically functions as karaoke, the musical accompaniment of bar and lounge. As the “empty orchestra”( kara 空 “empty”, and ōkesutora オーケストラ “orchestra”) verbs indistinctly, electronically “octivated” voice, laptop, and bass improvise. The Sprechstimme, with its a- and meta-tonalities, celebrates the a- and out-of-tunealities of cantillating barflies and tone-deaf lush-thrushes.

Pierrot instrumental track: MLuMsemble
False translations: Alisa Slaughter and Leslie Weinberg
Colombine: Dr. Katherine Baber
Madonna: Karen Crews Hendon

With an intercultural and inter-media aesthetic and praxis that can be described as “Weltradau” (World Noise), MLuM takes and makes the “best” out of the “worst (and vice versa) that various music(s), images, performance practices and sounds have to offer. Organic and inorganic processes, gong-chime cultures, ethnoise and sound mauls (as opposed to mere sound bites) are among its inspirations and references. MLuM”s creato-researchive interests include: The utilization and/or incorporation of scientific and pseudo-scientific technologies, methodologies and procedures into aesthetic and artistic processes; The aesthetics of sustainability; Sustainability as artistic tradition and genre; The geographics of social networking pertaining to the environmentics of location and mindset; Performance orientations relative to interactive systems within improvisational structures and environments; Charting influence within the aesthetic –ismos
In addition to being a featured artist on National Public Radio programs throughout the U.S.A., MLuM, a Long Beach-based punceptual and histriophonic art ensemble comprised of multi- national artists, has presented internationally (Musicacoustica, Beijing; NUS Arts Festival Singapore; Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona; Galerija 73, Belgrade, Serbia; Galerie 21, Braunschweig, Germany; Smithsonian Week, Long Beach, CA; SoundWalk, Long Beach; Il Corral, Los Angeles; SIGGRAPH LA [Music Box Henry Fonda Theater] Hollywood, CA; Computer Music Journal [MIT Press], et. al.).

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