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Weekly, live performances by experimental musicians.


“An imaginative, electric orchestration of reverberating synth pop” is how listeners best describe downtown LA’s latest electronic project, Conjured and critiqued throughout the Winter of 2013, NK-Riot has evolved to what can only be referred to as dark and revolutionary cyber-grind music. By combining dance-punk, and chip-tune noise such as, computer glitches, dial tones, and SubPhatty rhythms, NK-Riot produces a unique analog experience. All performances and recordings are live and synthesized before your eyes. NK-Riot’s recent acclaims flourish among LA’s underground, as well as the U.K. The titled Ep, “Radio Walk” featuring hit single “Hey It Ya” has been in rotation 94.7 Saint Fm, along with the full length debut, “Origins of Evolution.” The LP demonstrates the beginning of a new musical direction; One that stems from the roots of funk , experimental rock, break-beat, fusion, trance and dance. NK-Riot is currently working on a second album, to feature an array of local independent artists- “V.C.R. Virtual Climax Recording” is set to release early spring 2014. In addition to the raw eccentricities of this live solo-project, is the anonymity. In hopes to preserve the quality and focus of the music, NK-Riot has remained anonymous; reporting, “My hopes for this project come from every conversation, thought, action, reaction, noise, and even moment of silence important to music writing. I want to inspire our fellow music cadets, and wearing a mask prevents an identity from interfering with an idea.” So if you’re in the interest of being inspired, check out NK-Riot at nkriot.bandcamp.com

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