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Roxanne Varzi

The Whole World Blind is a self-contained sound performance for SoundWalk 2011 by: Roxanne Varzi, Narrator, text, research and concept Vincent Olivieri, Sound Design. This work is a self-contained sound performance that involves the audience member blindfolding him or herself, then putting on headphones connected to an mp3 player and listening to the narrative loop of a “museum curator” who offers to describe, for our blinded audience, a show she has done on war photography. The curator describes the images as she advances through them on a slide projector, demarcated by the mechanical sound of the projector advancing. The images she has chosen are from prestigious shows of Western war photographers since 2001 when the United States went to war against the Middle East. Interspersed throughout the descriptions of the photographs are meditative breaks with the same narrator, now recorded in a quiet and intimate studio setting, giving the listener meditative suggestions and breaks from the “visual noise” of war. Varzi has seen these photographs in galleries, and has studied them as an anthropologist. In keeping with the ethnographic aspects of the project listeners are asked to comment in a notebook, particularly about the experience of being blindfolded, and whether they can identify any of the photographs.

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