Ear Meal

Weekly, live performances by experimental musicians.

Royal Pain

Nakagawa has been studying and using elements of scientist Royal Rife’s experiments utilizing frequencies to allegedly destroy pathogens. ROYAL PAIN 3.0 is an original sound and video work that juxtaposes images and sounds from Rife’s studies and the examines the tactile relationship of frequencies and dreams.

Alan Nakagawa, sound artist based in Los Angeles. He is an inter-disciplinary artist that melds visual practices with sound, video, sculpture, painting and performance. Primarily creating work through automatic techniques and improvisation, inherently campaigning to make humanized technology driven art, and giving the neat and the messy equal opportunity.

Nakagawa co-founded arts collective Collage Ensemble Inc. (1984-2012), curates the weekly Ear Meal Webcast, coordinates public art for the LA Metro, documents his meals, collaborates on multi-disciplinary projects with Joseph Tepperman and is a member of Ear Diorama Ear and the Southern California Soundscape Ensemble. He is a recipient of the Monbusho Scholarship, Rockefeller Foundation Grant, Subito Grant and Art Matters Inc. Artist Grant. Nakagawa has presented his work throughout the US, Japan and Mexico at such places as the Getty Center, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art, Japanese American National Museum, La Panaderia, Oogimachi Museum Square and Integratron.

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