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SheKhan is the musical duo of Kelly Coats and Kathleen Kim, drawing upon their years of collaborative experimental composition and improvisation, to create beat driven interlocking harmonies of flute, violin, vocals, mandocaster, synth, effects and more. The duo experiments with the oscillation of structure and improvisation, harmony and dissonance. Electronic bass lines and beats, interlocked with tactile loops of violin riffs, vocal noise and found sound, set the stage for improvisation. SheKhan has performed at a variety of art spaces and music venues including: Various Small Fires, Armory Center for the Arts, Grand Star Jazz Club, The Smell, KChung Radio, The Artist’s Studio @ One Colorado, Human Resources, Pehrspace, Hyperion Tavern, American Legion Post 206, and The Mezz Bar. shekhan on bandcamp

Kelly Coats is a visual artist and musician based in Los Angeles, CA. In addition to SheKhan, she is an active member of the avant jazz ensemble LA Fog, the electronic group Embarrassing Powers and was a member of Lady Noise. Coats plays the transverse flute and a variety of other ethnic flutes, interspersed with vocal sounds, sometimes using effects processing and sampling. Coats was also a member of the Mexico City-based art collective, Bordermates. She has performed at a variety of art spaces and music venues including: The Whitney Museum, LACMA, LACE, Highways, Human Resources, The Smell, The Echo, Garash Galería, and Grand Arts. http://kellycoats.com

Kathleen Kim is an experimental musician and composer who in addition to SheKhan, plays with the ensemble LA Fog and was a member of Lady Noise. She has a background in classical, jazz and improvisational theories and has studied with Yusef Lateef, Jim Nadel and Inna Nedorezov. She has performed with her collaborative projects in a wide range of art contexts and music venues including: The Whitney Museum, LACMA, The Redcat, LACE, Mak Center for the Arts, Steve Turner
Contemporary, Art LA Contemporary 2011, the Smell, the Echo, the Echoplex and more. Kathleen is a founding member of Human Resources, an art collective, performance venue and gallery located in Chinatown, Los Angeles.

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