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Weekly, live performances by experimental musicians.

Spectral Dawn Spirits

Spectral Dawn Spirits plays hierophanic, slightly metallic, post-psychedelic ambient
instrumental music.

They are Michael Jon Fink, electric guitar / Antony DiGennaro, various electric guitars /
Derek Stein, electric bass.

Michael Jon Fink has been a composer/improviser with experimental and new music
groups that have included the Negative Band, Musica Veneris Nocturnus, Stillife and
Ghost Duo; and currently plays electric guitar with the Feedback Wave Riders (Free
Improv), Trio Through the Looking-Glass (Jazz-inflected) and Spectral Dawn Spirits.
His music appears on the Cold Blue, Contagion, C.R.I., Trance Port, Raptoria Caam
and Wire Tapper labels.

Antony DiGennaro is a composer and multi-instrumentalist, currently
roaming the deserts and hills of Southern California. His most recent
project, avant-country group Fear for the Dust, will be releasing its second
and third albums in the coming months.

Derek Stein is a Los Angeles–based cellist/electric bassist who regularly tours the
United States and overseas, performing with several of LA’s new-music groups,
including the acclaimed wild Up, gnarwhallaby and Trio Terroir (a group dedicated to
music written after 1990). Stein may be heard on M.J. Fink’s recent Cold Blue release
“From a Folio” and on recent releases from Populist Records.

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