Ear Meal

Weekly, live performances by experimental musicians.

William Roper

In the beginning I was a straight classical guy. The glory of the orchestra kind of guy. That seemed to last forever. To be honest there are still traces of it. More than anything these days, I’m an off the page kind of guy. There are all types of strategies to get off the page. The most difficult, for some people, is not to have a page at all. This is my favorite. It’s important to be free

As mentioned, there are different strategies. Some of the strategies I have participated in have been devised by Vinny Golia, Wadada Leo Smith, Horace Tapscott, Glen Horiuchi, Francis Wong.
The very first free improvisation group I played with was Fat and F**ked-Up. Still one of the more “out” groups. We were quite popular around the L.A. area in the mid-eighties. How can you lose with a name like that? Plus, most of time we were good. I say most of the time because it was free. When you’re working only on what is going on at the moment you can’t guarantee the quality. Only the effort.


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