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The Hillary Game

Padua + PushPush Present

by Guy Zimmerman

A live psychological thriller told through the training of a female drone operator. Their twisted game is a fast-paced, complex adventure that collides technology-driven anxiety with a longing for human connection. THE HILLARY GAME takes you on a rich journey into modern language, our relationship with machines, and the automatic processes that are defining the future of humanity.

THE HILLARY GAME brings performance, video imagery and music together in a compact and hard-hitting intermedial production.

FEATURING Shelby Hofer & Tim Habeger

As a follow-up to a successful 2013 project, THE BLACK GLASS, Padua hosted three residencies to develop THE HILLARY GAME, a 2nd co-creation together. The project has a 3-year plan including a public ramp-up to the 2016 election, both U.S. and international tours and numerous community engagements.

With sneak previews held at 7 Stages Theater and the Decatur Book Festival in September, THE HILLARY GAME had its world premiere at The Goat Farm Arts Center Nov. 5-8 & Dec. 3-6, before kicking off the Los Angeles leg of the tour.

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